miss tina contract – 1


Dimension P x L x H cm 46 x 41 x 90 pollici 18.11” x 16.14” x 35.43”
Frame Color COL05 NERO
Seat Color E02/ OCEANO
Back Color E04/ MICRO OCEANO

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    The time for secret meetings has already passed, drowning in the billowing waves of the sea. The dream of a chic and refined table, surrounded by love … vanishes. What remains is the contemporary, versatile, iconic character of our Misses. Chairs capable of adhering to any type of environment, dressing them in an eclectic way as only the innovative style of Lalabonbon can create: iridescent velvets with intense colors and different shades, textures with black and white geometries coming from the classic fabrics (Tartan, pied du poule, Prince of Wales and herringbone). Chairs that can support you, real unique pieces of furniture: dedicated to people with strong personalities, lovers of contrasts and details.

    The beauty of an object is defined by the force it manages to impress around itself, placing itself on the border at its disposal and redefining the environment that contains it with its character. Miss Tina has a gritty soul clothed in grace and harmony. Its clean lines, the harmonic safety of its forms fit decisively into the room, resting with its feet on surfaces that differ in style and material but always managing to recreate the magic of the new and surprising. A chair that becomes the central point of the different visual possibilities, combining with its distinctive personality the environment it is part of. The unity of the whole coincides with the harmony produced, like a symphony of colors and shapes, the objects create a motionless dance between them that is perceived when you enter the room and that remains in the gaze transforming the visual act in pleasure and desire.

    The MissTina Collection offers bright colors full of luminescent reflections, such as high quality velvets that cover the seat or back with soft seductions, and important tartan fabrics with textures that have defined the typical Design of the English and Scottish tradition, combining in one contrasting synergy the innate elegance of velvet with fabrics that offer a more classic approach with their geometric weaves. Her iridescent garments, such as elegant plain-colored velvets, or precious ones, such as Scottish and Herringbone fabrics, continuously model her visual essences on the body-frame of MissTina, creating artistic collisions of colors that are inserted into the furnishings as an experience which satisfies those who enter the room.

    Do you remember the style of the 50’s and 60’s chairs? The metal structure of the MissTina frame is recreated on original models from the late 1950s, re-proposing with its sober but slender line the innovation of Design that has redesigned the furnishing objects not only for their practical function but also for the evocative one. The chair-object is no longer perceived solely as a structure to lean on and for a consumer use only, but as an event that allows you to get in touch with the emotional part, impressing sensations and suggestions. The Lalabonbon Miss Chair Collection is conceived as a place for the creation of handcrafted chairs that produce and propose unique and experiential furniture projects, infusing their design with not only visual but also interior beauty. Each object in the collection is unrepeatable, the unique pieces are created by the hands of expert local artisans, the slight imperfections of welding or color shading give them their unique, different and therefore special personality.

    The rectangular padded backrest slightly rounded at the corners welcomes the chromed metal frame that can be transformed into different color variations, passing from absolute colors such as white and black to more particular shades such as brass, tobacco or aviation. The wide seat is square, offering with its comfortable welcome the pleasure of sitting on a soft and exclusive support.


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