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Dimension P x L x H cm 46 x 41 x 90 pollici 18.11” x 16.14” x 35.43”
Frame Color COL05 NERO
Seat Color E08/ DAMASCO ORO
Colore Schienale E08/ DAMASCO ORO

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    The time for secret meetings has already passed, drowning in the billowing waves of the sea. The dream of a chic and refined table, adorned with love … vanishes. What remains is the contemporary, versatile, iconic character of our Misses. Chairs capable of adhering to any type of environment, dressing them in an eclectic way as only the innovative style of Lalabonbon can create: iridescent velvets with intense colors and different shades, textures with black and white geometries coming from the classic fabrics (Tartan, pied du poule, Prince of Wales and herringbone). Chairs that can support you, real unique pieces of furniture: dedicated to people with strong personalities, lovers of contrasts and details.

    The sinuous presence of an object that decides its place in the space in which it rests. The superb MissAva engraves her contact in the room with her slender shape. A name that recalls the diva par excellence, an immodesty that imposes itself with its timeless beauty, a chair upholstered in sparkling fabrics such as bright velvets that make it shine with an intense light or the textures of precious fabrics like the Prince of Wales or the Pied de Poule. A sovereign royalty that is reflected in the gaze of others. Whether its feet are placed on a Persian carpet or on an enamel surface, its presence stands out from the rest, joining at the same time in a harmonious dance of contrasts and contagions. The surrounding environment becomes a space of visual contamination, in which the particular and unique object directs the attention, transforming the neighboring presences with its personality.

    The floors and walls become the stage where MissAva transforms and defines itself. The lines take up a classic from the 1950s, the chair traces with its defined and unique shape a historical era of Italian design, an innovative step that dictated with its unprecedented perceptions the creations of furnishing objects completely redefined compared to those previous. From original chairs of those years, the Lalabonbon Miss Chair collection was born. A collection that reworks a native concept of the mid-1950s and recreates it completely, giving it new clothes and today’s materials but leaving its vintage soul intact.

    Do you remember the style of the 50’s and 60’s chairs? A MissAva chair that contains in its solemn beauty the unrivaled charm that the great divas of the past evoke. The padded back, in rectangular shape slightly softened in the curves, joins the metal frame that can be dipped in different colors that can change from basic colors such as white and black to more particular shades such as gold, copper or solid solid colors like forest green, avio blue, mustard yellow. The seat welcomes us with its bold features that allow us to enjoy the time we are in his arms. The possibilities of creating the MissAva chair are many, both the backrest and the seat are undressed and covered with precious contrasting colors and fabrics, creating unusual and unprecedented color combinations that impose themselves with their exclusive visual richness in the spaces that welcome them. Inserted in modern spaces MissAva gives unexpected sensations giving with its eternal essence unusual reinterpretations dictated by contrasts that reinforce its character.

    There may be infinite influences that this piece of furniture can recreate. The encounter with the Miss Ava chair takes on a contagious vitality with the other objects of the surrounding environment, imposing its royal sovereignty. Each chair in the collection is unique, forged by the expert hands of local artisans who breathe life into each piece making small imperfections and differences pride of their uniqueness.

    MissAva is available in different variants. Each MissAva is unique and can be entirely recreated, combining its appearance in different solutions. Thanks to our online configurator you can see in real time all the different possible combinations of shades, changing the color of the frame with a few clicks, choosing the fabric for the backrest and the one for the seat. Each MissAva is inspired by your needs and recreates your space and the objects that surround it with its unique design.


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